Expand digital capabilities

Finding new ways to succeed in the face of increased risk and a changing financial landscape requires bold moves into new technology. With the right digital services and advanced analytics tools you can better engage clients, speed decision-making and grab more market share.

  • Supporting mission-critical infrastructures and applications
  • Integrating products from leading vendors such as Murex and Markit EDM
  • Developing, maintaining and testing commercial off-the shelf and custom applications
  • Simplifying compliance, transparency and risk management
  • Meeting demand for new products


Hire Developers with the Right Skills

  • .NET Development Services

    .NET Application Development

    We use the .NET framework and .NET Native IDE to program applications for Windows desktop and mobile devices, in addition to cloud, IoT, and web-hosted scenarios. We provide a full range of app development and management services, including VB.NET conversions, migrations, and legacy app modernizations, as well as debugging, tracing, refactoring, profiling, and managed threading services. We also use MonoDevelop to build cross-platform desktop and web apps.

    .NET Core Development

    We use the .NET framework and .NET Native IDE to program applications for Windows desktop and mobile devices, in addition to cloud, IoT, and web-hosted scenarios. We provide a full range of app development and management services, including VB.NET conversions, migrations, and legacy app modernizations, as well as debugging, tracing, refactoring, profiling, and managed threading services. We also use MonoDevelop to build cross-platform desktop and web apps.

    .NET Developer Toolkit

    Our leverage of .NET’s well-documented toolkit begins with the Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) and Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) for establishing optimized development pathways. We improve performance using the Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF), UI Automation tools, and Pluggable Protocols for seamlessly integrating web services. We provide database development solutions using MS SQL Servers, ADO.NET, Entity Framework, WCF Data Services, Language Integrated Query (LINQ), and XML web services.

    Building .NET Microservices

    We orchestrate containerized microservices for Windows and Linux platforms, allowing for isolated programming, versioning, and debugging of multiple services running on the same system. We leverage the power of Azure's microservice development tools to construct complex microservice infrastructures (Azure Service Fabric), design stateless microservices (Azure App Service), and automate management processes for microservices hosted in Docker and Kubernetes containers (Azure Container Services).

    .Net Development Services for Businesses

    We build, manage, and improve client-directed apps for businesses ranging from large-scale corporations to small start-ups in need of rapid development and deployment. Our enterprise-grade operations solutions include apps for customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), accounting, inventory, warehouse management, and supply chain management.

    .NET Mobile Development

    Programming of mobile-first Windows apps with the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) and cross-platform mobile apps with Visual Studio and Xamarin. Utilization of Xamarin's built-in deployment, unit testing, continuous integration, debugging, and diagnostic tools. Mobile game development with the UrHoSharp game engine and SkiaSharp graphics API.

  • ASP.NET Web Development

    ASP.NET Web Application Development

    We provide server-based, MVC-driven, mobile-first web app development for dynamic single-page applications (SPAs), content management systems (CMS), web forms, software as a service (SaaS), ecommerce sites, enterprise-wide intranets, and B2B/B2C web portals, as well as ASP.NET Web APIs and other web services. We use Visual Studios to implement C# code, improve data solutions, and deploy web apps to Azure web sites and third-party hosts.

    ASP.NET Developer Services

    Our programmers possess expertise in Visual Studios' ASP.NET frameworks for MVC development, web apps, web pages, and SPAs. We also specialize in WebHooks and SignalR for improving real-time functionality, ASP.NET Identity for security and authentication, WebSockets for enabling persistent communication, AJAX Content Delivery Network for optimizing interactivity, and the Open Web Interface for .NET (OWIN) for server connectivity.

    ASP.NET Core Development

    Development with the compact, modular ASP.NET Core to create complex, high-traffic web apps, IoT systems, and cross-platform desktop and mobile apps that depend on stable web services and the ability to rapidly scale. After development, we deploy apps with Azure App Service, set up automated continuous deployment with MSBuild, and upload it to a cloud or on-premises server.

    Website Design in ASP.NET

    We use Visual Studio to build highly intuitive, dynamic websites and individual webpages with a focus on user interactivity. We program robust codebases written in the Razor syntax (C# and VB.NET), integrate web servers and databases with the WebMatrix development stack, and design custom UIs that include videos, stunning graphics, and responsive buttons and widgets.

    ASP.NET Web API Services

    We work with existing ASP.NET web APIs and develop custom APIs that improve load times, integrate RESTful web services, automate operations, and optimize testing and refactoring. Our web API services include routing, serialization, mobile binding, error handling, deployment, hosting, authentication, and authorization.

    .ASP.NET Data Development Services

    Creation, storage, retrieval, and presentation of critical data for web apps and dynamic websites. We work with database management systems including Oracle and SQL Server (as well as Express, Compact, Enterprise, and Developer editions of SQL). Other data solutions include Entity Framework object-relational mappers, LINQ querying, and WCF Data Services.

  • C++ Programming Services

    C++ Programming Solutions

    We utilize C++ to create robust, object-oriented software capable of high-performance computing using both high- and low-level language features. We use C++'s versatility and interoperability to program desktop and mobile apps, performance-critical software, SQL servers, GUIs, and systems close to the machine. We also offer performance-boosting refactoring, continuous integration, porting, migration, and comprehensive testing services, as well as upgrades from C++11 and C++14 to C++17.

    C++ Application Development

    Development of cross-platform applications to run on with Windows, MacOS and Linux, as well as native programming of APIs for device and system utilities, communication, multimedia, web browsing, data management, and enterprise-grade solutions. Engineering of mobile applications and widgets for iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile that manage displays, connect to social media, animate typical UI functions, and integrate typical app store functions such as payment processing.

    C++ Game Development

    Programming of data-driven video games for desktop, mobile, console, web, social media, casino, and VR/AR/MR platforms. Our C++ game engineers are experts at client/server and P2P networking, collaborating with designers, asynchronous programming, maintaining persistent worlds, and leveraging popular game engines like Unreal and Unity. We also utilize Google's Play Games C++ API to integrate common elements like leaderboards and multiplayer functionality into Android games.

    C++ System Programming

    We use C++ alongside its low-level predecessor, C, to procedurally program server-side systems including operating system kernels, network management, backup and recovery, virtual machines, security infrastructure, automated processes, virtual memory and database interactions. We integrate mission-critical systems into business's existing architecture in order to improve data integrity, security, processing speed, and IT support.

    Embedded C++ Services

    We use Embedded C++'s streamlined, targeted language to integrate firmware and middleware featuring superior driver management and optimized compilers into a wide variety of hardware including IoT, plug-and-play devices, peripheral computer elements, POS infrastructure, smart-home applications, sensors, smart cars, and automated industrial hardware.

    C++ Digital Media Solutions

    Implementation of software for digital video steaming, processing, and analysis, plus multimedia applications for broadcasting, video editing, HD video playback, and audio services. We offer telecommunication programming services for authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA) as well as telecom database management and telecom server development.

  • C# Programming Services

    C# Windows Development Services

    We program applications for Microsoft operating systems, including Windows 10, Windows Mobile 10, and Xbox One, using C# along with the .NET framework and Universal Windows Platform. We leverage Windows Forms and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) to create and render custom GUI designs. We also write lower-level Microsoft software with C# including components and controls, as well as browser and console apps.

    C# Web Development

    Web development solutions written in C# and implemented with Visual Studio and ASP.NET framework including client- and server-side web apps, Windows Service APIs, XML web services, web forms, Sharepoint apps, TCP/IP servers, database-driven websites, ecommerce sites, and dynamic SPAs. Development of cloud services including SaaS and PaaS applications.

    C# Mobile Development

    Development of cross-platform and hybrid mobile apps written in C# and powered by development tools like Visual Studios and Xamarin. Our comprehensive C# mobile app development process includes wire-framing, UI design, database architecture, business logic implementation, native API leverage, 3rd-party integrations, debugging, testing, and deployment.

    C# Game Programming

    We use C# and .NET's scripting capabilities to create 2D and 3D games for Xbox One and other popular consoles, in addition to desktop, mobile, and web platforms. We utilize the powerful Unity engine, written in C#, to create games as well as rich VR and AR experiences. We also use the CryEngine CE# framework and Visual Studio extension to create games for Windows and Linux platforms.

  • ColdFusion Programming Services

    ColdFusion Web Development

    Our ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML) developers provide full-cycle development solutions for web apps, including single-page applications (SPA), intranets, and content management systems (CMS). We use CFML and frameworks like ColdBox to expand memory capacity via externalized session data, balance workloads, and optimize connectors. We build ColdFusion apps with support for object-relational mapping, dynamic scripting, and CFML command-line interfaces.

    ColdFusion Website Design

    We design seamless, intuitive user interfaces and experiences (UI/UX) for static and dynamic webpages that include custom graphics and animations, embedded media, widgets, multiple types of clickables, and data-heavy HTML5 charts and graphs. We take advantage of ColdFusion's versatile server-side tagging framework to create seamless UI/UX designs and enable SQL database manipulation on the client side.

    ColdFusion Mobile App Development

    We build cross-platform and native mobile apps, as well as mobile-first browser apps using the PhoneGap Build iOS and Android tools. We program apps capable of multi-device detection of data types, display dimensions, and orientation, as well as easy access to native APIs. We automate on-device debugging and other maintenance protocols using the ColdFusion Builder implementation.

    ColdFusion Enterprise Solutions

    Development of industry-specific business software, including CRMs, ERPs, and ecommerce applications, by utilizing the power of the ColdFusion Enterprise implementation. Our email development solutions include SMTP, IMAP, and POP server integrations for sending and receiving emails, as well as enabling notifications. We program apps with security-code analyzers for full data authentication and integrity.

    ColdFusion PDF Solutions

    Our PDF management solutions include HTML to PDF conversions, attachment customizations, complex document taxonomies, secure digital signature support, Document Description XML (DDX) manipulation, PDF/A-2b archiving, redaction, sanitation, custom admin portal access points, standardized metadata, and CFDF file integrations.

    ColdFusion Database Development

    We optimize client communication with databases by expanding functionality for multiple file types, integrating exception handling, enhancing webpage and API caches, and simplifying database indexes with robust data import handlers. We use Apache Solr full-text search tools for hit highlighting, real-time indexing, NoSQL integration, and relevant ranking.

    ColdFusion Migration Services

    We provide comprehensive migration services, rewriting legacy ColdFusion web apps in HTML5, Ruby, PHP, Java, Python, and C++. We also migrate domain name systems, servers, databases, and content management systems to platforms like Drupal, Django, and SharePoint. Our upgrade services include transfers from ColdFusion 8, 9 and 10 to the ColdFusion 2016 platform.

    ColdFusion API Management

    Leveraging of the ColdFusion API Manager to extend functionality to web and mobile apps. We program web applications that are scalable, interoperable, and include support for SharePoint servers, social media plugins, and Microsoft Office file types. We easily integrate SOAP, REST, and JSON web services and program HTML5 WebSockets that we subsequently publish with Secure Socket Layers (SSL).

  • Delphi Software Development

    Delphi Programming Solutions

    Programming of enterprise-grade applications, firmware, cloud platforms, web services, and IoT technology with strong database support. Cross-platform Delphi mobile development for optimized native performance and display in iOS, Android, and Windows. Migration of legacy Delphi versions to Embarcadero Delphi 10.2 Tokyo, and modernization services including Unicode implementation.

    Delphi Development Environment

    Rapid application development and deployment of robust apps written in Delphi code with the aide of Embarcadero’s RAD Studio platform, C++Builder and world-class compiler. Accelerated development aided by RAD tools including live templates, Code Insight auto-completion, component libraries (Delphi VCL, FireMonkey), as well as copious refactoring and debugging tools.

    Delphi for Web Development

    We build web services and web applications, including common gateway interfaces (CGIs) and dynamic-link libraries (DLLs), using the “Delphi for the Web” platform which deploys Delphi and C++ code as standard HTML5, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript. RAD Studio web service access includes REST client libraries and APIs for Amazon and Azure.

    Delphi Enterprise Development

    We implement custom enterprise solutions, in addition to Delphi’s RAD Server built-in services, including accounting modules, CRM, ERP, user/group management, and location-based tools. We utilize the RAD Server for backend support of service-based software including API management and integration middleware.

    Delphi Design Services

    We design cross-platform interfaces with enhanced usability and seamless device-awareness using the FireUI multi-device designer and RAD Studio’s visual development tools, including drag-and-drop library components, remote mobile editing, and the LiveBindings Designer for data/interface compliance testing.

    Delphi Database Programming

    We develop cross-platform, database-powered applications for managing transactional, analytical, and master data by utilizing RAD Studio’s FireDAC universal data access library to integrate the Delphi development platform with the most popular database management systems.

  • Embedded C Programming Services

    Embedded C Programming

    We use Embedded C extensions to the C programming language to develop, deploy, and maintain embedded software systems on a wide variety of applications. Our Embedded C development services include PCB design, prototyping, debugging, testing, documentation, driver development, user interface design, and hardware integration. We specialize in Embedded C's supported features including I/O operations, multiple unique memory banks, and fixed-point arithmetic.

    C for Embedded Systems

    Custom development of embedded systems including single-board controllers, microcontrollers, microprocessors, hypervisors, cross compilers, boot loaders, real-time operating systems (RTOS), sensors, and microchips such as application-specific integrated circuits (ASIC), field-programmable gate arrays (FPGA), and systems on chips (SoC). Digital signal processor and controller (DSP/DSC) programming for control systems, video compression, and media processing.

    Embedded C Applications

    We program Embedded C systems into applications including firmware, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, offline consumer devices and household appliances, wearable technology, smart phones, peripheral computer devices, industrial equipment, medical devices, telecommunication systems, GPS receivers, automotive and transportation systems, USB class devices, motor controllers, and programmable logic devices.

    Embedded Microcontroller Programming in C

    We work with embedded microprocessors (CISC, RISC, ASIC, superscalar, and digital signal) and microcontrollers (8051, AVR, and PIC) operating in all ranges of clock frequency, RAM size, data bus width, and I/O voltage. We develop and deploy embedded processors using ARM architecture standards, including both ARM-designed and third-party Core microarchitectures.

  • Go Programming Services

    Custom Programming in Go

    We work with the Google Go programming language (or Golang) to develop new applications, maintain existing programs, and perform rescue missions for insufficient development services. We program scalable Golang web apps, cross-platform desktop and mobile apps, back-end architectures, intranets, networks, multicore and distributed systems, command-line scripts, APIs, and responsive GUIs.

    Go Development Services

    Development of robust, high-performance Go applications that run on multiple operating systems by leveraging Go’s support for expansive memory management, multicore and parallel computation, dependency analysis, lightweight multi-threading, and full garbage collection. Our full-cycle Golang services cover wire-framing, front- and back-end development, modular integrations, debugging, testing, and deployment. We also integrate GoRoutines, which enable concurrent functionality.

    Golang Mobile Development

    Programming of native and cross-platform mobile apps that are responsive, machine-aware, and easily customizable with OS APIs and device features. We use the GoMobile tool for writing code, OpenGL binding, and implementing reusable Go packages, as well as managing assets and events. We leverage the power of Google’s Golang Android programming expertise, but still provide comprehensive iOS development.

    Golang Web Development

    We program intuitive user interfaces and experiences (UI/UX), database management systems, and server-side applications and scripts for a wide variety of industry-specialized websites, content management systems (CMS), single-page applications (SPA), web services, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, B2B/B2C web portals, cloud architectures (including SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS), and Golang REST APIs.

  • Java Software Development

    Java Application Development

    Custom development of native and cross-platform apps for desktop and mobile devices, as well as firmware, cloud apps, and embedded applets. Additional Java-powered software solutions include modernization, framework customization, legacy migration, QA, reengineering, and performance tuning. We create software using Java’s most dependable integrated design environments (Eclipse, Maven, Netbeans) and libraries (JSF, Spring, JUnit, Struts).

    Java EE Development Services

    Programming of scalable, portable Java Enterprise Edition architecture for data-driven businesses with high-traffic websites. Our B2B and B2C programming solutions include multi-tiered and distributed systems, Business Rules/Process Management (BRM/BPM), business intelligence/analytics, data mining, corporate portals, CRM, tools for localization and internationalization, as well as management channels for content, inventory, assets, and tasks.

    Java Web Application Development

    We develop web apps including static and dynamic websites, server/client portals, and content management systems by integrating Java code with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. We build dynamic web content with responsive UI and configurable themes using Java Servlets, JavaServer Pages, and JavaServer Faces, in addition to APIs for automated messaging, XML processing, and optimized database communication.

    Java Android Development

    We program robust applications for mobile Android devices as well as IoT apps for Android, Wear, Android Auto, and Android TV. We integrate social media plug-ins, adaptive UI/UX, custom widgets, enterprise mobility, mobile payment processing, location-based services, and mVoiP. We also implement Google Play APIs including Developer, Android Pay, Remote Display, and Game Manager.

  • JavaScript Development Services

    JavaScript Web Development Services

    We create and optimize web services with JavaScript, including single-page web apps, web portals, custom JavaScript frameworks, content management systems, custom plug-ins, and dynamic, enterprise-grade websites. We develop custom end-to-end web services using only JavaScript or seamlessly integrate with server-side languages.

    Programming JavaScript Applications

    Rapid development of native and web applications that are scalable, responsive, browser-agnostic, and capable of handling high traffic in real time. Implementation of JavaScript business solutions including tailored prototyping, ecommerce and CMS plugins, customizable user forms, and real-time business analysis.

    JavaScript UI Development

    We enhance the functionality and design of web services and applications by adding JavaScript-powered features such as engaging animation, elegant menu organization, customizable templates, embedded audio and video, custom widgets, and smart text behavior, as well as dynamic controls like buttons, checkboxes, labels, and search bars.

  • Objective C App Development

    Objective C Programming Services

    Our Objective C developers specialize in end-to-end app development services, including native UI/UX design, comprehensive server-side engineering, feature modernization, custom implementations and plugins, socket programming, App Store deployment and management, Smalltalk-style messaging, plus integration with the more modern Swift programming language and migrations to entirely Swift-run apps. We are Apple-certified with expertise in both Objective C and Swift, as well as Xcode, Cocoa, and native Apple frameworks, libraries, and APIs.

    Apple Objective C Development

    Our developers program custom native applications for all Apple platforms, including iPhones and iPads (iOS), Mac computers (macOS), Apple Watches (watchOS), Apple TVs (tvOS), and iMessage, as well as Safari extensions. We have extensive experience programming with Objective C to create hybrid, cross-platform, and web applications that don't sacrifice the performance capabilities or native API leverage of Apple-exclusive apps. We also specialize in Objective C game development, utilizing cross-platform engines (Unity, Unreal) and iOS-specific engines (Sparrow, NinevehGL).

    Enterprise Objective C Applications

    We develop industry-specific iOS and OS X apps, leveraging our programmers' knowledge of core standards, regulations, and best practices in fields as diverse as gaming, supply chain management, media, healthcare, hospitality, payments, e-learning, banking, and finance. Our enterprise-grade Objective C development services include networking, robust security, reliable connectivity, App Store deployment, SEO/SEM management, mobile device management (MDM), and enterprise mobility management (EMM), as well as custom CRM and ERP software.

  • Perl Programming Services

    Advanced Perl Programming Services

    We develop custom software solutions with Perl as part of a LAMP technology stack. We write server-side scripts for desktop, web, mobile, IoT, and embedded programs. Our developers are experts in Perl's multi-paradigm architecture, rapid prototyping, Unicode standards, and extensions for integrating C/C++ libraries (SWIG) and subordinates (XS).

    Perl Web Development

    Full-stack Perl web development solutions including enterprise-class websites, ecommerce shopping carts, dynamic and static web pages, web services, plugins, UI/UX designs, GUIs, content management systems (CMS) and common gateway interfaces (CGI). Our Perl programmers embed interpreters within web servers and extend application features using the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network (CPAN) libraries.

    Perl Database Programming

    We integrate databases into Perl-written software using the Database Independent (DBI) API for executing form processing. We work worth database management systems (DBMS) including MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, Sybase, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MongoDB, and CouchDB. We also provide Perl interpreter embedding solutions for database servers.

    Perl CGI Programming

    Our Perl programmers expand the functionality of dynamic web pages by writing Perl Web Server Gateway Interface (PSGI) scripts for programs running in web servers. We program Regular Expressions (RegEx) including simple matching, simple substitution, capturing, quantifiers, lookaheads, and backreferences.

    Perl Programming for Bioinformatics

    Development of bioinformatics applications including command-line tools, 3D graphical representations, automation programs, and sequence manipulation. We have experience in scientific computing, BioPerl implementations, public biological databases, and complex data manipulation.

    Perl for System Administration

    We specialize in system administration services including mission-critical applications development, process automations, tools programming, configuration management, quality assurance, test automation, and "glue language" functions that expand interoperability.

    Perl Network Programming

    We program networking applications and integrate common system protocols for multitasking, client/server connections, HTTP, TCP/IP, SSL/TLS, Telnet, Secure Shell (SSH), remote login/commands execution, and e-mail integrations.

    Perl Graphics

    Our front-end developers design custom, responsive GUI applications with the aid of popular Perl libraries. We design high-quality graphics, including 3D images and animations, for browser, desktop, mobile, VR, and web-based applications.

  • PHP Programming Services

    PHP Software Development

    We use PHP, along with the other LAMP stack technologies (Linux OS, Apache HTTP Server, and MySQL relational database management system) to design, develop, test, deploy, and maintain high-performance web services and apps. We primarily program using the LAMP stack, but also write PHP code for other operating systems (MacOS, Windows), DBMS's (PostgreSQL, Microsoft Access, Oracle) and servers (IIS, NGINX, Google Web Server).

    PHP Web Development

    Custom server-side PHP web development for dynamic websites, single-page web apps, web portals, APIs, content management systems, and enterprise-grade web apps with built-in modules for CRM, e-commerce, and sophisticated catalog taxonomies. Additional PHP programming services include command-line scripting for embedded software and client-side scripting for GUIs, as well as migration and porting to PHP 7.

    PHP Database Development

    Development of PHP web apps with MySQL database connectivity and integrations for database abstraction layers, PHP Data Objects, Open Database Connectivity, and Web Distributed Data Exchange. Designing of database management systems for referential integrity, type extensibility, automated procedures, and query building. Implementation of PHP database extensions like IBM DM2, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, SQLite.

    PHP Server Programming

    We engineer server-side and Common Gateway Interface (CGI) applications with PHP, and integrate with Server Application Programming Interfaces (SAPI), Internet Server Application Programming Interfaces, and Command Line Interfaces (CLI). We ensure all servers programmed with PHP include encryption and cryptography, powerful third-party framework support, and output capabilities for SOAP and REST web services.

    PHP Mobile App Development

    We design cross-platform and native PHP mobile apps that are scalable, device-aware, and interactive with device features like cameras, geolocation, and social media. We leverage extensively documented mobile development frameworks and seamlessly deploy apps onto web or cloud servers.

    PHP CMS Services

    Implementation of open-source PHP content management systems including WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. Development of PHP CMS modules including document management, user analysis, real-time data tracking, multi-site management, marketing automation, and SEO.

  • Python Programming Services

    Python Programming Solutions

    We use Python's extensive suite of frameworks (Django, Pyramid, Flask, web2py) and IDEs (Net Beans, PyCharm, PyScripter), along with the Python Package Index, to build highly readable, data-heavy, cross-platform apps. We develop responsive web apps, statistical computation software, and enterprise-grade apps with modules for CRM, content management, ERP, financial services, and prototyping.

    Python Web Development

    We utilize Django's Python web framework to rapidly develop server-side web applications and APIs with strong database connectivity alongside client-side JavaScript software. We provide Python web service development solutions including data-enriched enterprise apps, content management systems, dynamic websites with custom animation, and cloud apps managed in the Google Cloud Platform.

    Python GUI Programming

    Development of custom GUIs built using standard Python GUI library Tkinter, as well as open-source and third-party options like wxPython and JPython. Custom Python GUI elements include menus, buttons, checkboxes, labels, listboxes, messages, and multimedia graphics. All Python widgets are developed with superior geometry management capabilities.

    Python for Data Analysis

    Engineering of big data solutions including processing and wrangling, data visualization, geospatial and object-relational mapping, persistence, natural language processing, and database development. Our Python developers are experts in implementing common Python computing libraries including NimPy, SciPy, and Pandas.

    Python Game Programming

    Programming of console, mobile, desktop, VR/AR, and browser games with the Python game development framework, PyGame. Designing of custom simulations, architectures, graphics, and UI. Integration of Python game engines into existing games in need of scripting for increased flexibility.

    Python Machine Learning

    We implement Python machine learning protocols including k-means clustering, decision tree classification, linear and logistic regression, support vector machines, dimensionality reduction, and model validation. We also design Python neural networks for forward and backward propagation.

  • Ruby Programming Solutions

    Ruby on Rails Development Services

    Programming of applications, APIs, and other software that run on all operating systems using the Ruby programming language, Ruby on Rails framework, and RubyGems package manager. Our Ruby app development services begin with layout and wire-frame designs and encompass comprehensive back- and front-end programming, QA testing, debugging, and deployment. We also provide existing app maintenance and project rescue services, as well as migration, porting, and upgrading solutions.

    Ruby Web Development

    We build custom web applications, web services, intranets, content management systems (CMS), single-page applications (SPA) and web portals using Ruby on Rails. Our developers are full-stack experts in server management (Apache, Nginx), UI/UX design, and database development (MySQL, SQLite3, and PostgreSQL). We boast a deep pool of expert Ruby developers who also specialize in web services (JSON, REST, SOAP), Heroku deployment, and markup languages HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and XML.

    Ruby Development Services for Businesses

    We perform rapid application development and prototyping for start-up companies in need of efficient and cost-effective services, as well as more comprehensive programming and maintenance software solutions for large-scale, data-driven businesses. Our enterprise-grade Ruby programming services include ERPs, CRMs, payment processing portals, management dashboards, and business intelligence integrations.

    Mobile Ruby on Rails App Development

    Development of custom mobile applications for iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile using Ruby on Rails. Our services include Ruby mobile app development for native, hybrid, and cross-platform apps featuring mobile-first, responsive designs, seamless access to native features, and intuitive UI/UX. We utilize the power of Ruby and cross-platform mobile development frameworks including RubyMotion and Xamarin.

    Ruby Implementation Solutions

    Leveraging of the Ruby MRI reference implementation and other popular Ruby customizations like RubyMotion for developing OS X, iOS, and Android apps, JRuby for integrating Ruby and Java code, and mruby for creating compact apps written in Ruby and C. Other third-party implementations include Rubinius, MagLev, and Yet Another Ruby VM (YARV).

    Front-End Ruby on Rails Programming

    We create stunning and intuitive front-end designs and GUIs for desktop, mobile, and web applications with server-side cores written in Ruby. Using Agile development best practices, our front-end architects work alongside Ruby on Rails developers to ensure the optimal presentation of data, seamless UX responsiveness, and elegant, client-friendly UIs.

  • SQL Programming Services

    SQL Application Development

    Custom development of high-performance applications with seamless implementations of stored procedures and functions, including business intelligence (BI) modules and dynamic database-as-a-service (DBaaS) cloud apps, programmed with intuitive input forms and graphical data displays. Our data-driven app solutions include customer relationship management (CRM), content management systems (CMS), ecommerce sites, enterprise resource planning (ERP), and accounting software, as well as industry-driven Big Data solutions.

    SQL Server Programming

    Our Structured Query Language (SQL) developers create scalable, enterprise-class database architectures using relational database management systems (RDBMS) such as Microsoft SQL Server (T-SQL), Oracle (PL/SQL), PostgreSQL, Sybase, MySQL (SQL/PSM), IBM DB2, IBM Informix, SQLite, MariaDB, and MS Access. We also establish and manage real-time data streams with relational data stream management systems (RDSMS). Our SQL Server services cover analysis, data quality, integration, master data, reporting, hosting, and data warehousing.

    SQL Database Architecture

    We design and manage complex, scalable databases, including Very Big Databases (VBD), by defining integrity constraints and identifying data attributes for numeric data, time stamps, character strings, and XML, as well as binary and Unicode characters. We document and deploy robust schemas, automate jobs, and design normalized data models by implementing relationships between tables that minimize redundancies. We also develop straightforward importing, exporting, and migration data solutions, and ensure transactions meet ACID (atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability) standards.

    SQL Database Tuning

    We enhance data values with our database tuning services, including viability, standards, and system requirement analysis. We deconstruct database schemas to correct de-normalized tables and increase referential integrity. We analyze hardware system requirements such as disk input/output (I/O), latency, memory, and CPU usage. We enhance SQL query syntax to support rapid data manipulation using indexes. We also ensure concurrent data by detecting and resolving database locks and blocked processes.

    SQL Server Security

    Auditing of database systems and implementation of authentication and authorization protocols. We safeguard database systems from unauthorized access, SQL injections, probe attacks, and malicious code using SQL Server security best practices for permissions, principals, firewalls, schema ownerships, and encryptions. We minimize data loss due to human error and system failures using backup and disaster recovery strategies, such as replication, log shipping, and high availability computing.

    SQL Server Business Intelligence

    We develop BI dashboards with modules for generating highly accurate real-time reports of key performance indicators (KPI) that are accessible via mobile devices, web browsers. We analyze multiple shared and embedded data sources by deploying tabular and multidimensional models to reporting servers (including SharePoint). We then display results using data regions such as tables, charts, maps, and indexes.

  • Swift Programming Services

    Programming Swift Apps

    We use Swift to develop custom Apple applications and optimize legacy apps for iOS (iPhone and iPad) MacOS (Apple desktops), tvOS (Apple TV), and watchOS (Apple Watch) as well as Linux. We use Swift alongside its predecessor language, Objective C, the XCode IDE, and Cocoa frameworks. We program apps for messaging, social media, gaming, ecommerce, digital media, GPS-based services, and numerous other arenas.

    Swift Development Solutions

    Our iOS development solutions include comprehensive design and development lifecycle planning, robust server-side programming, graphics-driven UI/UX designs, compatibility maintenance, database management, App Store deployment, continuous integration, unit testing, debugging, and modern feature integration. We design apps with a focus on code security, data integrity, and error handling.

    Swift Migration and Integration

    Our Swift programmers are experts with the programming language's seamless interoperability, initialized values, unified files, clear syntax, rapid LLVM compiling, pre-initialized values, string interpolation, and Automatic Reference Counting (ARC) across all APIs. Our expert developers use Cocoa and Cocoa Touch frameworks to synchronously program Swift and Objective C classes, APIs, and design patterns.

    Enterprise Swift iOS and OS X

    We develop scalable enterprise-class applications, including ERPs and CRMs, which are fast, secure, and designed for worker engagement and expedited workflows. Our OS X and iOS enterprise solutions include automated tasks programming, real-time resource sharing and communication, comprehensive management dashboards, remote access to organization networks, and simplified reports of detail-driven analytics.

  • UniBasic Programming Services

    Database Development

    We engineer rapid database access, scalability, network configurations, security features, database servers, tools, business intelligence applications, analytics, and more. Our services include programming for IDOS, IRIS, NIROS, and BITS operating systems, plus migrations to Unix systems using UniBasic utilities. Our Unix-based services include application development for IBM AIX, RedHat Linux, Mac OS X, SCO Open Server, and HP / UX.

    UniBasic & Database Supporting Technologies

    We program with UniBasic ODBC DL4 server and Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) APIs including Crystal Reports, Microsoft Access, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, Oracle, and more. Our services also include programming with UniData, UniVerse, Pick / Pickbasic, Business Basic, DL4, and BASIC technologies.

    Modern Applications

    Our developers program UniBasic applications for cloud, desktop, web, and mobile platforms with an emphasis on systems interoperability. We also develop Internet-of-Things (IoT), Location-Based Services (LBS), big data applications, enterprise software, and more with UniBasic.

    Legacy Services

    Our developers modernize, re-engineer, migrate, and enhance UniBasic applications with custom development, integration, and implementation services.

  • Web Services API Development Solutions

    Programming Web Services

    Our developers utilize web services to improve application interoperability. Our expertise includes SOAP web services (with WSDL interfaces), XML and JSON file formats, RESTful APIs, HTTP and SMTP transport protocols, OData, DTO solutions, and web services discovery tools such as WSIL engines, UDDI directories, and multicast protocols. We also develop with open standard protocols HTML5, XML, and the TCP/IP suite (FTP, SMTP, DNS, POP3, IMAP 4 and more).

    Web API Integration

    We program web services for desktop, mobile, IoT, console, and cloud-based applications, as well as search engines, databases, and enterprise intranets. We implement internal and external web APIs as well as custom web services while leveraging exposed 3rd-party web services. Our web service development solutions enable sharing of resources, data, business logic, documents, programs, messages, and objects using both peer-to-peer and client-server models.

    Web Services Architecture

    We engineer Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA) for scalable enterprise systems in order to accelerate business processes and limit IT bottlenecks. We build web service providers, brokers, and consumers that conform to standardized service contracts and possess abstraction, autonomy, and granularity. Our comprehensive SOA development solutions include legacy system appraisals, electronic data interchange (EDI) services, migrations, and enterprise service bus (ESB) implementations.

    Programming SOAP Web Services

    We program custom Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) web services with straightforward WSDL interfaces for distributed and extensible web servers that are platform-, language-, and transport-independent. We program SOAP web services for more comprehensive enterprise systems that require ACID compliance as well as advanced security and communication capabilities.

    Programming RESTful Web Services

    We program Representational State Transfer (RESTful) APIs using HTTP protocols and JSON data for stateless client-server web services that are browser agnostic and cacheable. We use REST when developing data-driven applications, social media integrations, mobile apps, and mashup tools that require substantial scalability, stable performance, and the ability to efficiently reconfigure code.

    Programming JSON Web Services

    We program custom JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) generators and JSON APIs that implement language-independent, lightweight web services representing robust object and array data structures. We use JSON programming for web apps and mobile apps to transmit structured, serialized database connections. We also use JSON development solutions alongside AJAX applications and RESTful web services.

  • XML Application Development

    XML Application Integration

    We use XML, as well as XHTML, to program applications with extensive database storage capabilities, platform and version interoperability, seamless data access and transport, high availability, and reliable in-memory operations to create, request, and transform data, in addition to validating it against W3C standards. We use XML when programming cross-platform mobile apps, single-page web apps, simple APIs, and mission-critical enterprise apps.

    XML Programming Services

    Our custom XML services include automation validation, error handling, and XPath expression engineering, as well as custom development of XML editors, compilers, data mappers, processors, and DOM/SAX parsers. We build XML tools with seamless validation capabilities, schema-aware intellisence, user-friendly interfaces, helpful visualizations, XSD inferences, and Visual Studio integration. We also program and debug XQuery modules and WSDL docs.

    XML Schema Validation and Design

    Development of schema constraints using XML schema languages, including Document Type Definition (DTD), RELAX NG, Schematron, XML Schema Definition (XSD), CSS, and Namespace Routing Language (NRL). Implementation of automatic code generators and data binders to render Java, C#, C++, and Visual Basic class files for defined data elements, attributes, enumerations, libraries, and namespaces.

    XML Reporting and Enterprise Solutions

    We automate reports using XML and XBRL to visually display multiple data types on customizable dashboards. We use HTML, RTF/Word, and PDF output processes to design custom reports and style sheets that are comprehensive, accurate, easily archived, and offer extensive compare/contrast options. We also use XML schemas to build enterprise Service Oriented Architectures (SOA).

    AJAX Programming with XML

    We integrate AJAX (asynchronous JavaScript and XML) controls into callbacks and postbacks in order to build highly responsive, user-friendly websites and web applications capable of updating elements (such as predictive text, session values, advanced search filters, and webforms) without disrupting the user experience.

    XML Mapping Services

    Our XML developers map, integrate, and generate mapping code for data derived from flat text files, Excel, EDI, web services, databases, CSV, and JSON files. We also generate mapping code for Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations (XSLT) which converts XML documents to HTML, plain text, objects, script, PNG, and PDF.



We use Microsoft's .NET Framework Class Library (CFL) and Common Language Runtime (CLR) to program interoperable apps, embedded software, and operating systems.



We create web applications, APIs, dynamic single-page apps and websites for a diverse array of businesses using the ASP.NET framework, as well as cross-platform mobile apps with ASP.NET Core.



Development of complex operating systems and high-performance, portable, server-side applications for mobile gaming, data processing, networking, and server communication.


C Sharp (C#)

We program Windows software and applications with cross-platform functionality using C# and Visual C# in the .NET's Common Language Infrastructure (CLI).



Creation of content-rich websites and intranets capable of seamless database integration using Adobe ColdFusion's Rapid Application Development (RAD) platform.



We use the Delphi integrated development environment (IDE) and tools like its visual layout designer to construct highly scalable software that is optimized for native performance.


Embedded C

Implementation of C language extensions that solve compatibility issues in embedded software, allowing for features like basic I/O operations and fixed-point arithmetic.



We utilize Google's open-source language to develop cloud-based, system-level programming solutions for large-scale technology operations such as server management.



Programming of content-rich, enterprise-grade websites and other web services, as well as scalable mobile gaming, location-based, and ecommerce apps for Android devices.



We use JavaScript's interpreted programming language to design websites and mobile-first applications with responsive and adaptive UI/UX as well as feature-rich user functions.



Integration of existing Objective-C code with simpler, more versatile Swift code using Apple's Cocoa and Cocoa Touch frameworks in order to build iOS and macOS applications.



We use this NASA-developed language to program complex tasks such as system administration, web development, network programming, and GUI development.



Embedding of PHP server-side scripting into HTML and HTML5 to create powerful web applications, portable APIs, and dynamic websites with expansive database functions.



We develop high-performance applications with complex computing capabilities, such as data analysis and automated statistical functions, for data-driven businesses.


Ruby on Rails

Rapid engineering of dependable, highly scalable applications for startups in need of accelerated development and businesses in need of high-traffic management.



We design database architecture and optimize queries for data retrieval and reporting functions using open-source platforms including MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle.



Programming of custom iOS and macOS applications with accelerated development capabilities, simplified code syntax, forward-compatibility, and seamless migration of Objective-C code.



We use this BASIC programming language to develop a variety of applications operable on Unix-based systems and to migrate data from legacy systems.


Web Services

Building of platform-independent, interpretable applications, websites, and other web-based software using open standards HTML, XML, WSDL, REST, and SOAP.



We use XML and AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) to develop interoperable applications, data mapping, schema constraints, and report automation.