Ensure a painless deployment for your software

Without an exhaustive and carefully considered plan for implementation, launching an application can be a nightmare. Chetu's software deployment specialists assess and assemble your apps for all environments, helping you deliver new technology to end users without the headache.

Software Deployment Solutions

We provide agile implementation services, using proven methodologies and schemas to ensure the most efficient, cost-effective delivery of applications to end users possible. Our team uses documented best practices for installation, configuration, build server packaging, pre- and post-deployment testing, project governance, rapid troubleshooting, and system integration.

Continuous Deployment

Our software deployment specialists have cultivated an efficient continuous delivery process that emphasizes comprehensive, automated testing before any code is integrated or deployed. We establish an organized central code repository with thorough version control and rollback processes that helps us catch code errors and deploy iterations faster.

Smart Deployment Planning

Our developers work closely with your IT team to establish firm deployment objectives and tightly structured timelines to ensure a functional implementation that will easily integrate with your existing IT infrastructure. When implementing crucial enterprise software (CRMs and ERPs for instance), we take pains to ensure no system downtime and improved business workflows.

Post-Deployment Services

Once a solution is implemented, application and integration testing and pre-production stress testing can help assure your solution performs as designed. We work to identify and group end users by optimal implementations, monitor users' post-deployment behavior to ensure success and generate reports of user metrics directly and indirectly related to ROI.