Animation and Graphic Design Software

Dhari provides animation and graphic design software solutions that effectively facilitate multimedia concepts and mobile applications, producing wireframes to map technical functionality and features, using tools such as Flex, ActionScript, JavaScript, JQuery, Visual Studio, HTML5, and more.

2D and 3D Animation Software Development

Our developers provide custom 2D, 3D and 2.5D isometric software development solutions, using the best tools in the industry, including Maya, Max, Flash, Unity, Lightwave, CAD, Autodesk Forge to perform functions such as modeling simulation, character animation, digital sculpting and texture painting.

Computer Animation Software

We provide computer animation software solutions that enable gaming engines to perform functions such as texturizing, rigging rendering, and animating gaming assets. Our game physics programming includes collision detection, ragdoll animations, and rigid body simulations.

Character Animation Software

We develop character animation software that enables the seamless, real-time design, posing and animation of figures in 3D, while allowing for capturing, editing, and playback of complex animation in a highly responsive, interactive environment./p>

Flash Animation Software Solutions

Our experts provide flash animation software solutions that create expressive characters with frame-by-frame animation, interactive web banners and content for games and ads. With flash animation, we are able to build game environments, design start screens and interfaces, and implement sound effects for immersive multimedia experiences.

Visual Animation Software Programming

We perform visual animation software programming which includes elements such as motion capture (mo-cap) capabilities for realistic game character animations, while using gesture recognition, camera functions and embedded sensors for motion gaming.