Digital Asset Management System

Custom Digital Asset Management (DAM) software development for web, mobile, desktop, and hybrid platforms. We program support for all asset types including photos, graphics, audio, video, multimedia, templates, documents, presentations, RAW files, and more.

Digital Data Ingestion

Asset upload programming for single files, batch uploads, metadata importing / extraction, File Transfer Protocol (FTP), approval queue / parameters, and other features. Navigational programming and Media Asset Management (MAM) including categorization, nesting, file trees, drag-and-drop capabilities, indexation, filename management, and other features.

Asset Repository Services

We develop the architecture for a centralized repository and digital asset archiving, plus custom search and query retrieval by keywords, phrases, upload / edit dates, title, author / artist, origin, ownership, access rights, file type, file specifications, metadata tags, asset interdependencies, and more.

Digital Asset Transcoding Solutions

Programming of asset management and manipulation features including file conversion / transcoding, metadata editing, audio routing, text / graphics / video editing tools, collaboration tools, support for multiple download formats, plus Digital Rights Management (DRM).

Metadata Management Modules

We engineer metadata management modules including custom schema / taxonomy programming, custom fields, plus automated metadata generation features for asset upload, edits, and deletions. We encode metadata features using common standards such as Extensible Metadata Platform (XMP), Exchangeable Image File Format (EXIF), and International Press Telecommunications Council (IPTC).

Asset Publishing Tools

We develop content publishing modules for asset versioning, dynamic embed codes, sharing, linking, URL tracking, enablement of multisite deployments and third-party system integrations through automated or manual exchange of media and metadata.