Document Management Solutions

Dhari engineers custom document management solutions with version control functions, including audit trails and document comparisons, publishing applications with seamless printing, distribution, and delivery workflow automation, and centralized storage repositories to consolidate document sources and integrate disparate document management systems. We also program data mining, mapping and predictive coding features for streamlining data management workflows.

Cloud Document Management

We create cloud document management systems with secured access controls for cloud-based sharing, online/offline support, record classifying/retention schemas, and data integrity encryptions, as well provide custom development services for cloud-based, on-premises, and hybrid document management systems for desktop, web, and mobile platforms.

Document Management System

Our developers program document indexing and archiving features, keyword search, full text search, metadata management, topic clustering, custom filters and advanced querying forms. We program document filing and retention functions with role-based administrator controls, as well create Boolean, grammar-based, statistical, and keyword-based parsing features.

Data Capture Solutions

We develop intelligent data capture solutions, including Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Barcode Recognition (BCR), Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR), Optical Mark Recognition (OMR), and Regular Expression (regex) matching, as well as program document and image capture applications with scan/upload, parsing, and integrated readers.

Document Management Tools

We code document management multi-tenant collaboration tools, including e-mail client integrations, remote document access, edit tracking archives, and digital signatures, as well as enable document conversion features with support for multiple file formats (DOC, XLS, PDF, etc.), and program document assembly functions for automating forms, contracts, and templates.

Document Management Development

Our experts develop create custom document management software workflows with rules-based programming, administrator-defined processes, compliance management modules, and other document lifecycle management features. We also develop printing applications, including raw data printing and Print on Demand (POD).