Franchise Management System Software

We develop cloud-based franchise management systems that offer a comprehensive view of enterprise-wide operations and streamline communications between franchisees and franchisors. We engineer centralized data repositories and Business Intelligence (BI) algorithms used for displaying actionable data in a custom dashboard and automating management workflows. We customize management systems for master franchise owners, area developers, and company-owned units.

Franchise Intranet Programming

Franchise-wide intranets facilitate secure communications across all locations, including real-time HD video conferencing. We integrate Document Management Systems (DMS), news channels, calendars, directories, project management modules, and employee training apps, as well as collaborative franchisee forums and a shared knowledge base. We implement centralized employee management software for onboarding, time and attendance, task management, and performance tracking.

Custom Franchise Marketing Software

Our integrated Point-of-Sale (POS) systems archive all transactions, enabling marketing programs to analyze population and customer-specific spending patterns, and automate marketing efforts accordingly. We design Content Management Systems (CMS) that digital managers can use to maintain multiple websites and increase omnichannel visibility by supplying real-time inventories (and location-specific availability), offering digital coupons, and alerting customers to special deals in nearby stores.

Franchise Territory Mapping Software

We program custom territory mapping software for plotting new sites that will optimize revenue and limit franchise cannibalization. Our dynamic maps are programmed with world-class Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and population segmentation databases (including from the U.S. Census) to analyze locations and populations by average rent, prevalence of competing businesses, income, demographics, spending and ecommerce trends, employment rates, and social media participation.

Franchise Accounting Software Development

We integrate custom franchisee financial planning programs with BI engines for calculating costs related to Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDD), including royalty fees and additional in-house and third-party financing costs. We develop accounting ledgers for managing operation costs of all locations, with modules for invoice generation, payroll, ACH payments, commission reconciliation, state and local licenses, and construction/maintenance management.

Franchise ERP Systems

Our custom, scalable Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for franchises is integrated with intuitive operations dashboards for all ERP workflows, including manufacturing, supply chain management, and human resources. We program Order Management Systems (OMS) for real-time inventory reports, economic order quantity (EOQ) calculations, automated restocking, and real-time resource tracking. Third-party ERP software integration options include Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, NetSuite and SAGE.

Franchise CRM Software

We create custom CRM platforms for helping franchisees leverage customer engagement, overseeing franchise-wide marketing efforts, and managing potential leads and conversions. We integrate event schedules, customer communication channels, data aggregation and reporting tools, automated customer loyalty systems, and detailed databases of corporate memberships and customer profiles.