UI/UX Software Solutions

Dhari creates robust UI/UX software solutions such as user interfaces for dynamic applications and websites by developing front end languages including CSS, HTML, plus JavaScript to create interactive GUI elements including buttons, menus, icons, multimedia graphics (branding, logos & animations), and more.

Enhanced User Experience

We program mobile, desktop, and web applications for fast and seamless user experiences by ensuring high-performing client-side plus back-end executions and coordinating an intuitive information architecture, navigation, workflow, accessibility, and usability.

UI/UX Design

We provide custom UI/UX design solutions, including graphics using WebGL, Open Graphics Library (OpenGL), Scalable Vector Graphics, 2D / 3D graphics, animations, and other assets including multimedia embedding of audio and video.

UI/UX Applications

Our developers create flexible desktop, web, mobile, cloud, native, cross-platform, enterprise, and consumer UI/UX applications compatible across all browsers and operating systems.

Mobile UI/UX Development

Our experts perform responsive and adaptive mobile UI/UX development plus hybrid & native mobile app programming for use of fully functioning applications across disparate mobile devices, operating systems, and browsers.